The Influence of Shopping Orientations on Attitudes toward Online Shopping Online Search and Online Purchase Intentions

  • 蕭 敏

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Recently online shopping has been one of the most popular online activities in our life The internet provided not only a convenient access for online shoppers to search for merchandise information and make a purchase but also a low-cost way for merchant to set up an e-commerce business In this research convenient and recreational shopping orientations were used to examine shoppers’ attitudes toward online shopping online search intentions and online purchase intentions Shoppers would establish their own attitude toward online shopping either utilitarian or hedonic attitudes after perceiving values from their online shopping experiences Then the attitudes would influence shoppers to have different levels of intentions of using internet for searching information and making purchases Besides when discussing about online shopping behaviors the perceived risk might be one of the most important factors which would affect shoppers’ intentions of online purchase as well The research findings could be concluded as the followings First convenient shopper would have higher utilitarian attitude whereas recreational shopper would have higher hedonic attitude toward online shopping Second either shoppers with utilitarian attitude or with hedonic attitude would tend to search information about merchandises or stores information with the use of internet Moreover shoppers with utilitarian attitude would tend to make purchases online For shoppers with hedonic attitude the more frequently they visited to online stores the higher the possibility that they would make a purchase Third the shoppers’ intention of online information search would positively influence their intention to make purchase in online stores Fourth although shoppers perceived different level of perceived risk the influence of perceived risk might not be significant on their online purchase intention
Date of Award2014 Jul 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMeng-Kuan Lai (Supervisor)

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