The Influence of Various Arrangement of Main Elements in Passenger Cabinet on the Efficiency of Evacuation

  • 張 哲堯

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In recent years the issues of safety received more attention Especially a serious accident of Se-wol Ho sinking happened recently The accident also highlighted the importance of the evacuation of the ship In the future internal configuration of ship can expect to be considered an important thing to prevent the tragedy At beginning we choose to do a simulation in a simple space and find out a space what kind of ratio of the length and width which has a better efficiency of evacuation The simulation software of maritimeEXODUS was used to analyze characteristics of evacuation and cause congestion condition The efficiency of evacuation can be improved by reconfiguring the seats stairs and aisle In addition to this method re-route is one of our methods to reduce congestion and shorten evacuation time From the simulation results the space whose ratio of length and width is 1 has the best efficiency of evacuation In the portion of seat design design if we set fewer seats on row near exit compared to the general rectangular seating configuration we can effectively reduce congestion In the portion of aisle design we need to increase longitudinal aisles (defined as the back row toward the exit aisle) in "appropriate amount" condition By increasing the number of aisles can increase efficiency of evacuation In the portion of stair design we consider two elements of stair configuration: one is where the location of entrance of stair the other is what the angle between the two layer of stairs The simulation results show that the angle is 0 degree or 90 degrees between the two layer of stairs passenger can finish evacuation faster than before Congestion phenomenon can be improved by re-rout and crew guide or use the concept “time for space” meaning increasing evacuation time of individual but reducing congestion In the future we can try to install this kind of configuration on passenger ships which are commonly used in Taiwan For example ferries travel between Chimei and Makung and the larger cruise ship Rera which travels between Su-ao and Hualien It will be more suitable for local needs to simulate on these ships And then to study how to combine the psychological factor into simulation will allow the simulation results more realistic
Date of Award2014 Jul 31
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJeng-Horng Chen (Supervisor)

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