The interactions and relationship between fruiting plants and frugivore?s in Hengchun Tropical Botanical Garden

  • 林 彥瑾

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Fruiting-plants to frugivores are critical agents for survival Feeding assemblages of birds were observed throughout a fruiting season is a common phenomenon at the rain forest To research the use of food resources and feeding behavior of frugivores would be able to understand the changes in the supply of food resources in the environment the changes in food resources and the corresponding strategies and ethnic groups but also to further understand the relationship between birds and fresh plants More than 70% of the plants in most tropical and subtropical forests produce fleshy fruits where species are covariant or not And these plants exhibit a variety of differences in morphology attracting specific disseminators or competing for limited resources to achieve the goal of maximizing reproductive benefits These differences such as the actual characteristics the results of the amount and other characteristics may affect the collection of fruit-eating birds different phenology produce different fruit quality and characters but also affect the bird feeding preferences Taiwan is located at the junction of tropical and subtropical regions with rich and diverse species and interspecific interactions We proposed hypotheses for testing This study will focus on the changes in the amount of food resources distribution and other factors provided by fruiting-plants in Hengchun Tropical Botanical Garden and its influence on feeding behavior and cluster activities of fruit-eating birds It is expected to provide information on the ecology and dynamics of flora and fauna in tropical and subtropical areas in the face of current climate change
Date of Award2017 Sep 15
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYa-Fu Lee (Supervisor)

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