The Life Realm in The Asian New Bay Area of Kaohsiung – The Survey on The Development of The Pier-2 And Port Warehouse

  • 莊 芙

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


There are two major advantages in the Kaohsiung port of development One is the harbor which had shaped from a nature landform The other is that the location is been competitive of pacific Asia Furthermore Kaohsiung port has two function which are military and commercial Owing to the port’s development the berth throughput had increased Kaohsiung port had moved to Southside As the time goes Kaohsiung faces the challenge about the development of the city Kaohsiung been set as the second major city of Taiwan for balance north area to southern area of Taiwan The Central and Local Government pronounces some policies on industrial infrastructure tourism economic Such as The New Asian Bay Kaohsiung Science Park Kaohsiung Software Technology Park…… As mentioned above the government keep the urban growth via conservation and development The area around the Pier-2 started to discussed Moreover the Pier-2 Art Center had established in 2000 Besides Love River and Kaohsiung Port Warehouse had opened Before such above public space established the character about port city was obvious However the strategies for urban growth are abundant Those government attempts to form the own style of each city as well as Kaohsiung Thus the follow will mention three key aspects: (1) the developing strategy of the port/harbor city (2) repurposing of unused space (3) the connection with the culture industry and the lifestyle of city
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLi-wen Sung (Supervisor)

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