The Qualitative Exploration of Digital Collecting Behavior and Experiential Qualities in Mobile Devices

  • 莊 詠

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


People establish relationship with objects through acquiring them However due to the spring up of mobile technology the task is getting harder than ever On the one hand we are facing difficulties with getting familiar with the digital possessions On the other hand we desire new ones and acquire them as much as we could Belk (2013) indicated that “if access rather than ownership is an ascendant mode of relating to objects it may be the act of assembling links to digital objects rather than the objects themselves that define a collection” Thus for probing the value construction activities of virtual possessions an experience sampling study was conducted to explore how we collect and value the digital collectibles To complement the in situ samples eight follow-up semi-structured interviews were executed afterwards with two digital natives (around 20 years old) and two digital immigrants (around 40 years old) The model of engagement (O’Brien & Toms 2008) was adopted as an analysis framework for experiential qualities of the behavior Research results were presented in three aspects including the process of engagement and the threads of experience the taxonomy of digital collectibles and the characteristics of digital collecting behavior and digital collecting practices The major findings are summarized below: (1) People collect for multifarious reasons either intrinsically or extrinsically which initiated by different cues (2) According to the interviewees’ intention of using the author have summed up three characteristics of digital collecting behavior: goal-driven chaining and habitual; and four types of digital collectibles: utility information ideation material shareables and personal media library (3) Moreover digital collecting behavior isn’t the end of user journey more practices happen after a long- or short-term Each has their own features and issues were raised to evoke more relevant discussion At last the author draws on the conclusion as lenses to seek opportunities for designing better experiences
Date of Award2018 Sep 6
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMin-Yuan Ma (Supervisor)

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