The Relationships Among Contextual Variables and the Sense of Teacher Efficacy for the Junior High School Teachers

  • 彗碧 李

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The Relationships Among Contextual Variables andSense of Teacher
Efficacy for the Junior High School Teachers Hwei-Bee,Lee
Abstract This study was to investigate the relationshipsamong
contexutual variables(including school size and openness of
organization climate) and the sense of teacher efficacy for
junior high school teachers.Additionally,this study investigated
a predict the sense of teacher efficacy.A randomsample of 394
teachers of 40 schools was slected from by random strtified
clster sampling.The random stratified cluster sampling.The
instrument used was ''Questionnaire of Organizational
ClimateDescription Questionnaire-Rutgers Secondary'',andthe other
is ''Sense of Teacher Efficacy Scale''.Data collected were
analyzed by two -way ANOVA,Pearson product-moment correlationand
stepwise and multiple regression.The results showed that:1.There
was no significant difference in teachers''external control
efficacy with differentschool location,school size.However,there
was asignificant difference in teachers''internal control
efficacy with different school size.2.There was a significant
correlation between openness of organizational climate and
teachers''internal control efficacy.3.A regression model using
contextual variagblesto predict teachers''inner-control efficacy
was significant.Among all the contextual varibles,openness of
organizational climate had higher predictive power.
Date of Award1998
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorWei-Ming Luh (Supervisor)

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