The Research of Relationship between Color and Manipulation Performance - Taking Smartphone Interface as an Example

  • 王 昭明

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The little size of the smartphone screen limited the amount of information that can be presented in a single scene thus the user needs to give more instructions to system for getting corresponding amount of information in the traditional screen therefore if the manipulation performance of smartphone can be improved through the design it can save a lot of unrevealed time of the user Due to the human performance is primary affected by the ability of the human information process and the vision is the primary channel for human to receive the exterior information In the visual performance aspect the former research indicated that the color is important to influence the human visual performance and the ability of human information process can be affected through the presentation of information that is changed by colors thus improving the visual performance Therefore the research discussed whether the effect on the visual performance through applying the color can be applied to improve the manipulation performance in the smartphone interface The research used experimentation as the research method applying the color combination of font color and background color to change the presentation of number information on screen and requesting the participant to execute the visual searching and the touch manipulation on the right number The experiment applied the 7 different hues and the 3 different luminance contrast to construct the color combination as the independent variable and applied the manipulation time of the participant as the dependent variable and analyzed the result of experiment through One-way ANOVA statistic analysis The result of the experiment: in the same luminance contrast combination the 7 different hues have no significant influence on the manipulation time indicated that the color combination of experiment have no significant influence on the manipulation performance among the hues; in the same hue the 3 different luminance contrast combinations have no significant influence on the manipulation time indicated that the color combination of experiment have no significant influence on the manipulation performance among the luminance contrast combinations Due to the result of experiment is not consistent with the expectation of the research hypothesis therefore discussing the factors that can influence performance such as the variety of color combinations of font color and background color the size of font the number of groups the spacing between information groups the density of information in the screen the movement distance of touch manipulation the balance of the learning effect of the participant and the test patterns that is applied to balance the movement distance and the learning effect in the experiment whether the relation of the patterns and the tests is fair enough in design As a result of the discussing of the factors the factors that are related to the visual performance and the reaction time applied the suggestion of the former human factor engineering research except the color combination limitation therefore the color combination of the research can not induce significant variation among the tests is because of the variety limitation of the color-pairings or in the condition that other factors that has been proved do influence performance were adopted in optimization the color combination of experiment can not affect the manipulation performance in smartphone interface On the other hand there is a probability that one of the experiment control variables is the dominant factor that can influence the manipulation performance
Date of Award2017 Sept 12
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChun-Heng Ho (Supervisor)

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