The Research on Biodiesel Conversion Efficacy Processed by Microwave Heating with Waste Cooking Oil and Strontium Oxide Catalysis

  • 楊 榮瑋

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Biodiesel fuel has characteristics that feature environmentally friendly properties and thus is thought of as a kind of green energy To produce biodiesel in this study a microwave apparatus is utilized for heating in association with a transesterification reaction In addition strontium oxide is exploited as a catalyst to expedite the process Based on the chemical formula reactant oil as well as alcohol are required In this experiment both clean soybean oil and waste cooking oil are tested and methanol is adopted for the sake of its low cost To generate high conversion in oil the amount of catalyst the molar ratio of methanol-to-oil and the output power as well as the reaction time in the microwave are all considered as parameters Regarding the microwave both a batch system and a continuous flow system are applied for different proposes The batch system highlights the ease of adjusting parameters while the continuous flow system focuses on a relatively larger quantity of oil production To verify the oil conversion GC is used Meanwhile a SEM is responsible for the morphology observation of the catalyst Furthermore an XRD and an EDS are used in the component analysis of the catalyst The final results indicate that a set of optimal parameters for waste cooking oil is 500 W with 3% catalyst and a molar ratio of 6:1 of methanol-to-oil under 160 mL/min of flow velocity reaching a 93 13% oil conversion It is compared with the batch system one and is proven to have better efficacy especially in regard to time-consumption In discussion these factors may have impacts on the conversion including a backward reaction saponification formation overheating and a postponement situation It is expected to generate in a larger quantity to supply the citizens by collecting the daily waste cooking oil to promote a positive cycle relation
Date of Award2015 Jul 13
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJiunn-Der Liao (Supervisor)

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