The risk of financial abuse among people suspected with dementia: a survey study of bank tellers

  • 黃 乙芹

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


SUMMARY According to a report from the United Kingdom 65% of people with dementia need assistance as they go to banks However if the helpers repeatedly misuse their money due to their poor memory it will cause the problem of financial abuse Bank tellers need to understand more about dementia as they may be the first person to find out when their customers have dementia This study aimed to know Taiwan bank tellers’ dementia knowledge risk assessment and their decision-making as they face the customers with suspected cognitive impairment encountering financial abuse; the correlation between bank teller’s dementia knowledge and decision-making was also analyzed This was a cross-sectional study using data from structural questionnaire Data were collected from one bank with total of 190 valid questionnaires Bank tellers responded to the dementia knowledge questionnaire with a mean score of 7 9 Controlling for all other variables bank tellers’ dementia knowledge score had negative correlation with the risk score of financial abuse in bank case scenarios In bank tellers’ risk assessment of financial abuse of people suspected with dementia scenario with stranger abuse had the highest score the second was family abuse and the lowest was self-misuse Controlling for bank tellers’ demographic variables and dementia knowledge only the risk score of financial abuse would affect bank tellers’ decision-making As the risk score of financial abuse was higher there was a higher odds ratio (approximately 2 times) for the bank tellers to choose decline services
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLi-Jung Elizabeth Ku (Supervisor)

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