The Road to Conviction of Spiritualism: A Commentary on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The New Revelation

  • 黃 紹維

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The New Revelation is his first book on Spiritualism in which he revealed his evolution of thought about psychical matters from the position of a disbelieving materialist to that of its most famous advocator and he also stated lucidly what a revelation Spiritualism is going to bring to human beings His belief in Spiritualism is mostly either held up to ridicule or put aside by the non-believers about the subject; however it is not an aspect one can neglect if he/she intends to have a full understanding of the person This thesis aims to discuss Conan Doyle’s conception of Spiritualism in the process of his gradual conviction as he unfolded it in The New Revelation and some of his supernatural stories First I will give a general introduction to Conan Doyle’s attitude toward Spiritualism Second I will deliver a brief introduction of Spiritualism and its position in the Victorian culture After that I will present the first stages of Conan Doyle’s contact with Spiritualism Conan Doyle’s establishment of the credibility of Spiritualism will be discussed next Then I will talk about how Conan Doyle presents the significance of the psychical subject At the end of the thesis I will discuss the Spiritualistic ideas as exhibited in his early supernatural stories and make a conclusion After the introductory thesis I will enclose my Chinese translation of The New Revelation
Date of Award2014 Sep 4
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMin-tser Lin (Supervisor)

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