The Simulation of Magnetic Energy for a Perpetual Motion Machine

  • 王 辛岑

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


More than 90% of the world electricity generated using electromagnets based on faradays law of electro-magnetic induction Many new technologies were discovered with time which led a drastic change in the perception of electric energy Energy became free only at a point which we don’t have to pay for power generation after commissioning the unit By using the magnetic force of magnets continuous motion (Energy) generated Magnet motor is a free energy device that can generate energy which the repellent force of permanent magnet in cylindrical arrangement The arrangement permanent magnet in rotational array configuration produces a cyclic motion indefinitely which is also called perpetual motion machine The torque produced by perpetual motion device used to drive electric generator to produce free electricity Muammer yidilz magnet motor Nicola tesla Howard Johnson Perendev magnet motor like Few positive results are motivating us to create a better model to create the energy and use for different necessary applications by using this free energy In this thesis neodymium permanent magnet was arranged in rotor –stator configuration by using block shape (10mm length 5mm width 5mm thickness) N40 grade magnet A preliminary design was designed and magnetic flux was investigated on the rotational movement from the lock point of rotor Based on the simulation results it had confirmed that rotor overcome the damping lock point non-rotational movement This was achieved by continuous magnetic flux in the arrangement of permanent magnet in stator and rotor However a slight achievement in the simulation results was hoped to carry in the future research and study
Date of Award2018 Jul 27
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShih-Hsiung Chen (Supervisor)

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