The Solitary Solutions for Two Systems :The Zakharov System and The Quantum Zakharov System

  • 黃 御庭

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


In this thesis we mainly study the three paper as follows : (1) 'The periodic wave solutions for two systems of nonlinear wave equations' authored by Wang M L Wang Y M and Zhang J L ( the F-expansion method ) (2) 'New exact travelling wave solutions of two nonlinear physical models' authored by S A El-Wakil and M A Abdou ( the improved F-expansion method ) (3) 'Quantum Zakharov Equations" authored by Fernando Haas Leonardo Geissier Garcia and Joao Goedert ( the variational method ) Firstly the authors are mainly looking for solitary solutions of the Zakharov system (Z) and start presuming a specific form of solitary solutions They use 'the F-expansion method' to transform solitary solutions into another formal solution and put in system They use the Maple to obtain algebraic equation that are coefficients for solitary solutions Secondly they also discuss solitary solutions of the quantum Zakharov system (QZ) and use 'the improved F-expansion method' It use a different Riccati equation to find desired solutions And we take it to (Z) that isn't satisfied We fill up the details which are skipped in the discussion of the paper We also correct some typos and minor mistakes in the paper Thirdly they also set out solitary solutions of (QZ) in the adiabatic limit and semiclassical limit And they applied 'the variational method' to find the algebraic equations for solitons In next we need to estimate the range of H ? which is related to H Respectively they discuss small and large H ? Thus we can smear out new solitary solutions of (QZ)
Date of Award2017 Jul 24
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYung-Fu Fang (Supervisor)

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