The Study of Construction the Quality Cost of Multiple Sport Event – Application in Taiwan National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

  • 洪 舜陞

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Hosting major sport event has been a tactic to the region and government to catch the eyes of people and medias However hosting major multiple sport event can get some positive impacts such as improving tourism revenues makes governments subsidize the construction it often creates the economic deficit in those regions In addition to this reason to make a high quality event is very important too So in this study would construct the concept of quality cost in sport event (i e National Intercollegiate Athletic Games) Quality cost is a way to control the conference (prevention and appraisal cost) and non-conference cost (internal and external failure cost) in event when we can reduce the non-conformance cost in event the quality of sport event can be promoted undoubtedly The purpose of this study is to clearly define the quality cost in sport event and measure the weights of quality cost criteria in hosting a major sporting event The research methods in this study are a literature review a thematic analysis in depth interview the Delphi Technique and the Analytical Hierarchy Process The data were processed using Microsoft Excel 2010 and Power Choice 2 0 We found the prevention cost was the most important components in quality cost of sport event In every hierarchies of quality cost in sport event “Update and maintain the facility” “The planning of opening and closing ceremony” “Set up the standard of operation process” “Wrong decision making” and “The complaint of players” should be mainly noticed
Date of Award2015 Sep 4
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorShang-Chun Ma (Supervisor)

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