The Use of Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method in Solving the Material Handling Problem from Automotive Lamp Manufacturing

  • 劉 小瑜

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


At present the production value of Taiwan's automobile and parts manufacturing industry is growing year by year Among them the production value of the automobile parts manufacturing industry in 2018 was NT $ 190 8 billion 52 84% of the automobile industry and it occupies a pivotal position Among them the automobile electric light group accounts for 44% of the auto parts manufacturing products project which is very representative The case company discussed in this article is a car light manufacturing plant which is currently facing the problem of material handling inside the factory which leads to the suspension of the assembly line in order to wait for materials refueling etc so it designed a material handling system that meets the needs of the factory will be the key This research first analyzes the current logistics solutions based on the principles and steps of material analysis in lean logistics and automation systems and under the constraints of practical considerations 48 possible solutions have been developed by combining all possible solutions In reality there are very few opportunities to consider only a single indicator because there are many factors that will affect the quality of the material handling system and in most real situations the opinions or information provided by the decision makers usually take the unclear method means that it is not necessarily a clear value Therefore fuzzy multiple attribute decision making is used to analyze the problem of the material handling system in this study to weigh all indicators and select the best solution under various combinations Therefore this study further uses fuzzy multiple attribute decision making to calculate the weights of the proposed indicators and rank the schemes According to the results of the experimental analysis alternative 48 is the best choice The sensitivity analysis shows the credibility and robustness of this decision It also means that managers can be flexible in the choice of this problem This method It has considerable potential to provide managers with an important reference when designing material handling systems
Date of Award2020
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTaho Yang (Supervisor)

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