The Value of Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Services - A Case Study of the Chi-Gu Coastal Wetland

  • 陳 貞如

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Wetlands, one of three richest life-supporting ecosystems on Earth, could provide a variety of ecosystem services. However, it also provides much cheaper and easily-acquired land-use to support rapid development of industry and population. How to resolve conflicts between conservation and resource utilization of wetland becomes an urgent and inevasible topic now, especially in Taiwan. The aim of this study is to monetize the values of ecosystem of wetlands, then the economic benefits and importance of conservation will be clearly manifested.
This paper firstly reviewed current researches on ecosystem services and their evaluation. And then more attentions were paid on studying different evaluating implements of wetland ecosystem services. The United Nations Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), the most widely accepted classification of ecosystem services, was then adopted to identify four major categories of wetland ecosystem services: providing, regulating, cultural and supporting services. Finally, the Chi-Gu Costal Wetland (including Zengwun estuary wetland and Chi-Gu salt pan wetland) was chosen as an example to assess the economic values of marine ecosystem conservation in coastal areas.
The results show that a provisioning service from fishery resources in Chi-Gu Costal Wetland provides benefit of $2.315 billion dollars per year; the regulating services from flood regulation of $2.520 billion dollars, from water conservation of $0.412 billion dollars per year, from water purification of $20.5 million dollars per year, and from carbon storage of $8.7 million dollars per year; the supporting services from erosion control of $0.159 billion dollars based on construction cost and $1.7 million dollars per year on maintenance cost; as well as a cultural service from recreation and ecotourism of $89.7 million dollars per year. However, it must be emphasized that the economic values of aforementioned items only show their specified partial benefits of ecosystem services in the Chi-Gu Costal Wetland. There is some more service values need to be considered and evaluated.
Date of Award2011
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorZsu-Hsin Chuang (Supervisor)

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The Value of Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Services - A Case Study of the Chi-Gu Coastal Wetland
貞如, 陳. (Author). 2011

Student thesis: Master's Thesis