Toward Optimal Search of Multi-Objective Region with Irregular Contour

  • 許 誠貿

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The geographical scope of the search has been recognized as an important issue when governments need to arrange and construct their cities or environments This searching skill can widely apply to facility location planning wildlife preservation design intervention strategies on outbreak diseases etc In the thesis we design a geographic area search algorithm which is able to search part of irregular shapes with multi-objective optimizations Afterwards we propose an innovative manipulation called Ameba-like manipulation which is relatively advisable for designing heuristic algorithms to traverse on large domain space In addition we proposed four algorithms based on the ameba-like manipulation for solving the geographical scope of the search problem Finally we demonstrate our experimental results with application of intervention strategies on outbreak diseases The four proposed algorithms will eventually be compared together with different settings of parameters and we will illustrate the geographic results compared to real decisions in the outbreak of Tainan dengue fever in 2015
Date of Award2016 Sept 5
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorKun-Ta Chuang (Supervisor)

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