Transforming the Competition in Urban Chained Supermarkets: A David vs Goliath Case Comparison

  • 蔡 爵如

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Today Taiwan in the convenient chain store has a significant change within 10 years The competition is from the formation and operation pattern have a different change which alters the current situation competition The big chain store emerging had elbow out the space of a smaller chain store survive no matter what their original operation practice customers management and service To survive in this intensive competition is getting worse and worse The tradition to find a way out which is different the traditional and original pattern is immediate For the traditional chain store of Aigo it had the transformation problem to face the big emergence Taiwan’s retail industry is continuously growing and so are their consumers This growth requires the industry to provide dynamic and innovative strategies that are focused on their consumers Aigo Supermarket aspires to provide the best products and services to their customers however the industry juggernauts such as PX Mart are dominating the market using price-focused strategies taking twice the effort for Aigo to conduct such strategies Therefore this study aims to promote strategies that would assist not just Aigo but would also be applied for SMEs worldwide in their competition against large companies This study also aims to measure the effect of the adaptation of their new strategies through the effect in sales volume before and after the implementation This will be evaluated through Porter’s Five Forces which includes the analysis of threat of new entrants threat of substitutes rivalry among competitors bargaining power of suppliers and bargaining power of buyers Data for this study is gathered through case analysis and a data collected from Aigo’s POS system Results show that Aigo was able to overcome the competition through product and service differentiation Moreover they created a balance between cost leadership and differentiation strategies in order to compete in the industry
Date of Award2016 Feb 1
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSheng-Tun Li (Supervisor)

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