Use grounded theory to explore the perspectives of stakeholders on the environmental protection fleet action plan

  • 陳 智揚

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The ocean accounts for about 71% of the Earth's surface which possessed many important habitats and associated living resources However with the growth of population and the development of science and technology more and more anthropogenic waste enters the marine environment In 2017 Taiwan established the “Marine Debris Management Platform” and adopted many marine waste management action plans to alleviate the problem of marine debris This study utilized environmental protection fleet action plan as an example and conducted semi-structured interviews with various stakeholders to explore the management issues related to this action plan Grounded theory was used in this study to investigate the core factors affecting Taiwan's environmental protection fleet action plan and its subsequent marine debris recycling and disposal issues International trends and other literature related to environmental protection fleets are compared and discussed in order to understand the current issues related to environmental debris removal and recycling and how to improve the fishermen's willingness to participate in the environmental protection fleet thereby improving the efficiency of removing marine debris This study integrates the perspectives and opinions of all stakeholders concerned and hopes to provide more ideas for the coastal managers and policymakers with updated and more comprehensive policy strategy to improve the management of marine debris in Taiwan
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTa-Kang Liu (Supervisor)

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