Using Indetermination of Virtual Reality in Represent Emotions Chang Chien Hsiang's Creation Research in Digital Art

  • 張 虔祥

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


As a Chinese proverb says “People are not herbs can you be ruthless?”-Eastern Zhou Dynasty(東周列國志) Explain that each person naturally produces emotions in the process of social communication Emotions change constantly with every time and surroundings The emotional experience at every moment has different meanings for people and different attitudes More different experiences each experience is like a unique artwork producing different emotional situations Art is affected by many factors such as the impact of technology and cultural environment Art creation enters another new stage At this stage artistic creation is no longer limited to traditional media such as planes There are many new style creation concepts and expressions that conform to the trend and the creation of virtual patterns is one of the representative pointers This creative research is based on the virtual reality creation media to reproduce the experience of the emotional as a reference Try to use the postmodern technique for the condition of uncertainty It produce the spark of infinite possibility The play of interpreting artistic emotion in the creation of digital art With the manifestation of postmodernism space-time subversion it is possible to express infinity with virtual reality freedom The author explores emotion through literature and makes in-depth research with classical postmodernism Through the rise of postmodernism to its historical context and creative techniques the related creative techniques on behalf of the artist's works in-depth discussion On the other hand in the implementation of follow-up work through the relevant virtual reality art works at domestic and abroad to carry on the digital art discussion as the author's creative technique inspiration source The author looks forward to the interactive experience of virtual reality art through this creation Provides an artist-like opportunity for the experiential to create freely It combines the postmodern expression technique in the bystander space fictitious mixed state causes the bystander to enter through the screen to the experiential person virtual emotion world The person who starts by his own judgment and imagination seeks or interprets his or her own answer This creation brings to the society a more diverse perception of artistic expression techniques and provides a sensual creative and aesthetic agitation in the field of technology
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorYang-Cheng Lin (Supervisor)

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