Using Recursive based Algorithm to Reduce Proximity Group Communications Cost in LTE Public Safety Networks

  • 李 明儒

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The network infrastructures are often destroyed after disasters and it needs to take a long time to be recovered However the support of group communications for disaster rescue crew is important in LTE public safety networks 3GPP Release 12 defines proximity service (ProSe) to allow direct communications for public safety within users With the aid of ProSe group communications can be extended without base station This thesis studies the problem of minimizing the incurred ProSe cost for group communications In particular minimization of the ProSe cost for only one-round disconnected group members is equivalent to a source selection problem which can be solved by greedy algorithm However to broadcast packets for all distributed group members the number of required ProSe round of propagations increases says k Simply applying greedy algorithm for k rounds iteratively may cause unnecessary ProSe cost This thesis proposes a recursive-based algorithm to address the above issue Instead of the traditional way to determine the set of source nodes from the nearest to the farthest hop we partition the disconnected group members into k sets by considering the total ProSe cost incurred can be reduced under this settings Specifically the partition is determined recursively according to the receiving sequence of packet from the farthest to nearest order Based on the given partition we can obtain the sets of source nodes and receivers at each round
Date of Award2016 Jul 25
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSok-Ian Sou (Supervisor)

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