Using the Kinect Technology to Quantify the Shoulder Motion Function for Baseball Player

  • 何 政育

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Elbow and shoulder joints are the common sports injury sites for baseball players So far it still lacks athletic trainer intervention to protect the athletes from injury Traditionally the assessment of the physical fitness kinematic parameter and kinetic parameter were by the high speed motion capture and force plate but this method required expansive and complicate equipment and professional persons to conduct the evaluation It is not able to become popular assessment approaches and reach all the athletes required assistance Hence a simpler and cheaper motion assessment method is needed to reach all level of athletes The Kinect sensor developed by the Microsoft to capture the 20 skeletal joint marker and trajectory from the human body is an affordable tool to conduct the motion tracking This study used Kinect to monitor the youth baseball player’s exercise performance immediately The specific goals are as below: 1) Develop the shoulder motion record and analysis system which can automatically capture the kinematic parameter to quantify and analyze the shoulder function for the baseball players; 2) Conduct the system calibration to correlate the joint angle between the real position and value recorded by Kinect for their accuracy and precision; 3) Develop the shoulder exercise norm for athletes and perform the case study to evaluate whether the player is at the risk of the exercise injury from exercise performance; and 4) Develop the assessment computing platform and provide the protection system to monitor the player’s exercise performance immediately The study is aim to compare the difference between the joint angle angular velocity angular acceleration and time difference before and after the exercise training The results showed that: 1) The calibration regression show a polynomial equation can be used to correlate the joint angle at different plane of volunteer and the angles recorded from the Kinect so the joint position and angle and joint movement can be detected accurately; 2) The exercise norm developed by this study of the can help the coach realize the exercise performance health condition and rehabilitation progress of athletes immediately; 3) In the case study the system can analyze the player’s muscle power muscular endurance and balance before and after the exercise training as well as analyze the player’s stability explosive power proprioception and the pitch type This research develops the economic method to quantify the gross motion and assess the possibility of injury and performance
Date of Award2015 Sept 17
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMing-Long Yeh (Supervisor)

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