Who can be my joint promotion partners?

  • 黃 璽合

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Joint promotion is a valuable business strategy that enables companies to attract more customers at lower operational cost However fi nding a suitable partner can be extremely difficult Conventionally one of the most common approaches is to conduct a survey-based analysis; however this method can be unreliable as well as time-consuming considering that there are likely to be thousands of potential partners in a city This study developed the Joint Promotion Partners Finding (JPPF) framework which uses data from location-based social networks to automatically identify partners We considered six factors in determining the suitability of a partner (common market association rating and awareness prices and star ratings distance and promotional strategy) and developed efficient algorithms to perform the required calculations Lastly the effectiveness and efficiency of our algorithms were verfi ed using the Foursquare dataset and real-life joint promotion case studies
Date of Award2015 Aug 20
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorChiang Lee (Supervisor)

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