Work Family Conflict affect Work Job and Life Satisfaction Moderated by Work and Family Centrality

  • 阮 祥微

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


With the dynamic economic growing it is more and more common for a family have both spouses are in the workforce This create not only more financial source for the family but also the stressful of an individual when his or her family is affected by the job duty and vice versa In order to gain more knowledge about this source of stress Work Family Conflict has been the focus of researchers for a long time In general the conflict not only creates difficulties or stresses for one’s job or family domain but also reduces the satisfaction of an individual toward his or her family or job In overall it may affect his or her life quality thus reduce the enjoyment of one’s life However the stress experiments are various in terms of form direction or magnitude for each person The amount of stress or conflict is job or family based but the attitude toward family or job is depended on one’s personality or his or her point of view about job or family Life centrality is one of the most important that affect and guides an individual to behave thinking or react with what happening in his/her life For a general person work and family suppose to be the two biggest dimensions of his or her life Self defined as job or family oriented may affect the attitude on one’s family and job regardless of amount of stress created by conflict between the job and family she or he may suffer This study provide the research about affection of two dimensions of Work Family Conflict to family and job satisfaction separately through that examine whether family and job satisfaction affect on life satisfaction And finally this research will examine the moderation affect of Work Centrality and Family Centrality on relationship between Work Family Conflict to Family Satisfaction and Family Work Conflict on Job Satisfaction A paper survey was conducted within 3 weeks; main responders are officer worker in People Committee’s Office in Cao Lanh City located in South of Vietnam The sample size is 277 Results demonstrate that Work Family Conflict has a significant affect on Family Satisfaction and Family Work Conflict also has significant affect on Job Satisfaction Furthermore both Family Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction have positive affect on Life Satisfaction Finally Work Centrality moderates the hypothesis between WFC and Family Satisfaction however Family Centrality doesn’t have significant moderation affect on relationship of FWC and Job Satisfaction The application and limitations of this study as well as future research suggestions also are discussed
Date of Award2014 Aug 26
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorHsi-An Shih (Supervisor)

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