Translated title of the thesis: Implementation of Emotion Teaser using ZigBee Wireless System
  • Chia-Han TSAI

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


The invention of Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables users to directly operate computers through the control of mouse, and no longer need to remember operational commands. However, users still need to learn the skills of keyboard typing and input methods first to be able to communicate with computers. Therefore, studies have proven that even GUIs are difficult to traverse and use. In order to overcome the shortage of graphical user interface, tangible user interface (TUI) had been invented. The goal of TUI is to augment the physical world by coupling digital information to everyday physical objects and environments, and also reduces the time of learning to use a system.
This thesis designs and implements a new TUI wireless control system - Emotion Teaser. It adopts the concept of tangible user interface, and also uses low-power short-distance ZigBee wireless technology for data transmission. The use of ZigBee enables users no longer to be bound with wires. The system transforms humanity's feeling into digital contents for multimedia animation. Users only need to shake the Emotion Teaser device intuitionally to express their feelings, and then the system can share each other’s emotions through multimedia animation. Finally, this research studied and implemented ZigBee device profile, and also developed a practical application for a wireless home remote control. Five ZigBee development modules and output LED devices are used to verify our design. In the future, one might implement smaller ZigBee modules and/or electric relay circuits in order to control household electric appliances.
Date of Award2007
Original languageChinese (Traditional)
SupervisorChih-Lung Lin (Supervisor)

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