126 K superconducting phase in the Ba-Ca-Cu-O system

C. W. Chu, Z. L. Du, Y. Cao, Y. Y. Xue, Y. Y. Sun, I. Rusakova, L. Gao

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We have detected a reproducible bulk superconducting transition in the Ba-Ca-Cu-O system at 126 K under ambient pressure. This is the highest transition temperature in a compound system not containing volatile toxic elements such as T1 or Hg. Two other distinct transitions at about 105 and 90 K were also detected. Careful investigation shows that the 126 K superconducting and other phases cannot belong to any of the known layered cuprate compounds. They may belong, instead, to a new compound family with a cation ratio of Ba: Ca: Cu= 2: n - 1: n. Steps are being taken to improve the granularity and stability of the phases for a definitive structure determination.

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期刊Philosophical Magazine Letters
出版狀態Published - 1997 1月

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