3D apparel creation based on computer mannequin model. Part II: Implementations

Jing Jing Fang, Chang Kai Liao

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Purpose - A significant garment restyling tool was developed to perform garment design in three dimensions. It provides the professional designers the abilities of 3D garment creation, restyling, omni-angle visualization, and fitting evaluation on a digital mannequin model. According to the body tape-measurements defined in ISO 8559: 1999(E) and ASTM D5219-99 (1999), the extracted feature lines on computer mannequin dominate the shape of the apparel and also its associated fitting results. In this paper, the garment creation by the provided interfaces and its outcomes based on the developed system kernel and its formulas described in part I of the paper is demonstrated. Design/methodology/approach - In part II of this paper, a three-dimensional garment creation and restyling software based on the kernel infrastructure and formulas is implemented. Findings - Currently, three fundamental dresses, two basic collars, and sleeve are successfully implemented in the creation of free style mannequin-made apparels. Fitting results in static status are easily performed by detecting the allowances along the body feature lines and its near by. The base of an intuitive 3D computer-aided garment design and manufacture is gradually formed starting from here. Originality/value - In this paper, it is proved that garment creation and restyling can be achieved in three dimensions. This work provides a solution to how to manipulate a modifiable geometry in three dimensions and provide a friendly tool for reshaping.

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期刊International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2005 10月 20

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