3d perspective towards the development of a metadata-driven sharing mechanism for heterogeneous cctv systems

Jung Hong Hong, Yi Tin Shi

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The installation of closed-circuit television monitors (CCTV) has rapidly increased in number ever since the 11 September attacks. With the advantages of direct visual inspection, CCTV systems are widely used on various occasions that require instantaneous and long-term monitoring. Especially for emergency response tasks, the prompt availability of CCTV offers EOC (Emergency Operation Center) commanders much better action reference about the reported incidents. However, the heterogeneity among the CCTV systems impedes the effective and efficient use and sharing of CCTV services hosted by different stakeholders, making individual CCTV systems often operate on their own and restrict the possibility of taking the best advantages of the huge number of existing CCTV systems. This research proposes a metadata-driven approach to facilitate a cross-domain sharing mechanism for heterogeneous CCTV systems. The CCTV metadata includes a set of enriched description information based on the analysis from the aspects of Who, When, Where, What, Why and How (5W1H) for CCTV. Sharing mechanisms based on standardised CCTV metadata can then suffice the need for querying and selecting CCTV across heterogeneous systems according to the task at hand. One distinguished design is the modelling of the field of view (FOV) of CCTV from the 3D perspective. By integrating with the 3D feature-based city model data, the 3D FOV information not only provides better visualisation about the spatial coverage of the CCTV systems but also enables the 3D visibility analysis of CCTV based on individual features, such that the selection decision can be further improved with the indexing of CCTV and features. As the number and variety of CCTV systems continuously grows, the proposed mechanism has a great potential to serve as a solid collaborated foundation for integrating heterogeneous CCTV systems for applications that demand comprehensive and instantaneous understanding about the dynamically changing world, e.g., smart cities, disaster management, criminal investigation, etc.

期刊ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information
出版狀態Published - 2021 8月

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