A 3D ellipsoid-based model for packing of granular particles

Y. Lee, C. T. Yang, C. S. Chien

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In this paper, we present a computer model that can simulate the packing process and estimate the maximum density of granular material. We use three-dimensional ellipsoids as a surrogate to simulate natural particles. The model first fills the ellipsoids into a container, then adjusts them to reach a higher density. A special process is derived to prevent deadlocking as the particles move downward. We develop algorithms to test for contacts between a given ellipsoid and a container wall or another ellipsoid. A sampling process was used to determine the average density of the packed material. This process is simple and can be used to estimate the average density at any part of the container. We verify the effectiveness of the model by testing it against analytical results for a special case, and also with particle distribution derived from a real-life standard sand. Both results are very promising.

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期刊International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology
出版狀態Published - 2003

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