A cascaded high step-up DCDC converter with single switch for microsource applications

Shih Ming Chen, Tsorng Juu Liang, Lung Sheng Yang, Jiann Fuh Chen

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This paper proposes a new high step-up dc-dc converter designed especially for regulating the dc interface between various microsources and a dcac inverter to electricity grid. The figuration of the proposed converter is a quadratic boost converter with the coupled inductor in the second boost converter. The converter achieves high step-up voltage gain with appropriate duty ratio and low voltage stress on the power switch. Additionally, the energy stored in the leakage inductor of the coupled inductor can be recycled to the output capacitor. The operating principles and steady-state analyses of continuous-conduction mode and boundary-conduction mode are discussed in detail. To verify the performance of the proposed converter, a 280-W prototype sample is implemented with an input voltage range of 20-40 V and an output voltage of up to 400 V. The upmost efficiency of 93.3 is reached with high-line input; on the other hand, the full-load efficiency remains at 89.3 during low-line input.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
出版狀態Published - 2011

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