A compact hairpin bandpass filter on high-permittivity dielectrics using A tape-casting technique

Lih Shan Chen, Min Hung Weng, Tsung Hui Huang, Han Jan Chen, Yi Chang Hsi, Mau-phon Houng

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By using high-permittivity dielectrics, bandpass filters can be miniaturized. A hairpin-line filter based on high-permittivity dielectrics is proposed in this study. Ba2Ti9O20, with high dielectric constant, low loss, and stable temperature is available for the dielectric resonator and is adopted as a material in the fabrication of high-permittivity ceramic substrates. A tape-casting technique is employed to produce thin and flat Ba2Ti9O20-based ceramic substrates. The center frequency of the fabricated bandpass filter is 5.75 GHz and the bandwidth is 742 MHz. The measured insertion and return losses of the filter are -1.34 and -12 dB, respectively. The measured response of the fabricated filter is in, agreement with the simulated results.

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期刊Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
出版狀態Published - 2004 十月 20


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