A computer-aided training system for pedicle screw implantation

J. J. Fang, R. M. Lin, Z. H. Tsai

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In this research, we propose an intelligent, computer-assisted training system for pedicle screw implantation in spine surgery. Based on the biplane X-ray imaging of a pre-drilled saw bone, spatial coordinate correlations between the physical saw bone and the 3D digitizer built an off-line training environment. A senior spine surgeon prepares the pre-drill position as a standard and the trainee used the 3D digitizer to approach the referential standard. The techniques developed in this system involve X-ray imaging rectification, registration, image processing, imaging dilation and erosion, biplane calibration, and spatial geometric transformation, which will be a pioneer study of further clinical application. The position accuracy of the guiding system is within 1 mm, and angular accuracy is within 1.5°, which may meet the basic surgical requirements for lumbar, thoracic and even cervical spine.

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期刊International Congress Series
出版狀態Published - 2005 5月

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