A context-aware multi-model remote controller for electronic home devices

Chin Feng Lai, Yueh Min Huang, Han Chieh Chao

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In the past few years, household remote control products have continuously emerged, and more equipment could be controlled at remote distance. With continuous growth in the number of home remote control devices, the number of remote controllers at home is increasing. In addition, with the increase of PC and notebook computer demands, technologies for controlling computer devices or digital home appliances within the home networks have been launched, such as UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), OSGI (Open Service Gateway Initiative), HAVI (Home Audio/Video Interoperability), and Jini. Because there are too many standards of home network, it is difficult to define a universal standard conformed to others. Many researches have focused on linking the various protocols of these devices, but most of them used the Web or PDAs to control the devices. In such situation, users must rely on computer equipment and face the battery problem of handheld devices. This study aims to develop a cross-heterogeneous network remote control system. In order to relieve the problem of excessive remote controllers, we built a contextaware multi-model remote controller for electronic home devices to relieve the user of a nuisance of enormous amount of remote controllers.

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期刊Journal of Supercomputing
出版狀態Published - 2010 十月

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