A Deadbeat Current and Flux Vector Control for IPMSM Drive with High Dynamic Performance

That Dong Ton, Min Fu Hsieh

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In this paper, a new deadbeat stator current and flux linkage vector control (DB‐CFVC) scheme for interior permanent magnet synchronous machines (IPMSM) is proposed. The control structure is simplified by implementing the proposed flux linkage vector control method in the α‐β stationary coordinate. Unlike conventional deadbeat methods, the dynamic performance of the proposed DB‐CFVC can be enhanced while voltage command saturation and over output current are avoided. This is achieved with a “reinforced” phase angle reference of stator flux linkage vector by considering rotor speed error and maximum voltage to properly enhance the quality of the calculated flux phase angle command. By predicting stator flux linkage and current in the stationary coordinate, the deadbeat direct flux linkage vector control based on the one‐step delay compensation strategy becomes straightforward and exhibits low sensitivity to motor parameters compared to conventional methods performed in the rotating frame. Then, by developing a practical and robust hybrid flux linkage observer, the proposed DB‐CFVC method can work more reliably and effectively than conventional methods. Simulations and experiments are conducted in a drive system for an IPMSM to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed method.

期刊Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2022 4月 1

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