A finite element model of wave-structure interactions in the time domain

J. F. Lee, J. W. Leonard

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A time-domain simulation of the potentially large motions of structures floating or moored in a wave field is developed by using the finite element method. Orlanski's condition is modified and used to truncate artificially the fluid domain, but still simulate an infinite or semi-infinite domain. Dynamic analysis procedures for problems of fluid-structure interactions are presented. A partitioned, staggered integration scheme is developed for the fluid-structure system. The implicit Newmark method is used for the structural equations and a nodal partitioned explicit-implicit integration scheme is derived for the fluid. Examples presented are roll of a horizontal rectangular cylinder, a vibrating cylindrical membrane, transient motion of a circular cylinder, and the interactions between waves and multiple floating structures.

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期刊Engineering Structures
出版狀態Published - 1988 十月

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