A first absolute chronology for Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age Myanmar: New AMS 14C dates from Nyaung'gan and Oakaie

Thomas Oliver Pryce, Aung Aung Kyaw, Myo Min Kyaw, Tin Tin Win, Thu Thu Win, Khin Htwe Win, May Myat Mon, Mar Mar Aye, Su Hlaing Htay, Aye Aye Mar, Bérénice Bellina, R. Alexander Bentley, Louis Champion, Camille Colonna, Amanda J. Cook, Aude Favereau, Dorian Q. Fuller, Cloé Georjon, Charles Higham, Kalayar Myat Myat HtweYoshiyuki Iizuka, Jitlada Innanchai, Clémence Le Meur, Xavier Peixoto, Peter Petchey, Ron Pinhasi, Baptiste Pradier, Frédérique Valentin, Anna Willis, Antoine Zazzo

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Late prehistoric archaeological research in Myanmar is in a phase of rapid expansion. Recent work by the Mission Archéologique Française au Myanmar aims to establish a reliable Neolithic to Iron Age culture-historical sequence, which can then be compared to surrounding regions of Southeast Asia. Excavations at Nyaung'gan and Oakaie in central Myanmar have provided 52 new AMS dates, which allow the creation of Myanmar's first reliable prehistoric radiometric chronology. They have also identified the Neolithic to Bronze Age transition in central Myanmar, which is of critical importance in understanding long-range interactions at the national, regional and inter-regional level. This research provides the first significant step towards placing late prehistoric Myanmar in its global context.

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出版狀態Published - 2018 六月 1

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