A Flexible Implant for Multi-Day Monitoring of Colon Segment Activity

Steve J.A. Majerus, Dario Cabal, Yaneev Hacohen, Brett Hanzlicek, Aref Smiley, Yushan Wang, Wentai Liu, Muriel Larauche, Mulugeta Million, Margot S. Damaser, Dennis J. Bourbeau

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Monitoring of colon activity is currently limited to tethered systems like anorectal manometry. These systems have significant drawbacks, but fundamentally limit the observation time of colon activity, reducing the likelihood of detecting specific clinical events. While significant technological advancement has been directed to mobile sensor capsules, this work describes the development and feasibility of a stationary sensor for describing the coordinated activity between neighboring segments of the colon. Unlike wireless capsules, this device remains in position and measures propagating pressure waves and impedances between colon segments to describe activity and motility. This low-power, flexible, wireless sensor - the colon monitor to capture activity (ColoMOCA) was validated in situ and in vivo over seven days of implantation. The ColoMOCA diameter was similar to common endoscopes to allow for minimally invasive diagnostic placement. The ColoMOCA included two pressure sensors, and three impedance-sensing electrodes arranged to describe the differential pressures and motility between adjacent colon segments. To prevent damage after placement in the colon, the ColoMOCA was fabricated with a flexible polyimide circuit board and a silicone rubber housing. The resulting device was highly flexible and suitable for surgical attachment to the colon wall. In vivo testing performed in eleven animals demonstrated suitability of both short term (less than 3 hours) and 7-day implantations. Data collected wirelessly from animal experiments demonstrated the ColoMOCA described colon activity similarly to wired catheters and allowed untethered, conscious monitoring of organ behavior.

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期刊IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems
出版狀態Published - 2023 10月 1

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  • 生物醫學工程
  • 電氣與電子工程


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