A generalised optimal linear quadratic tracker with universal applications. Part 2: discrete-time systems

Faezeh Ebrahimzadeh, Jason Sheng-Hon Tsai, Min Ching Chung, Ying Ting Liao, Shu-Mei Guo, Leang San Shieh, Li Wang

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Contrastive to Part 1, Part 2 presents a generalised optimal linear quadratic digital tracker (LQDT) with universal applications for the discrete-time (DT) systems. This includes (1) a generalised optimal LQDT design for the system with the pre-specified trajectories of the output and the control input and additionally with both the input-to-output direct-feedthrough term and known/estimated system disturbances or extra input/output signals; (2) a new optimal filter-shaped proportional plus integral state-feedback LQDT design for non-square non-minimum phase DT systems to achieve a minimum-phase-like tracking performance; (3) a new approach for computing the control zeros of the given non-square DT systems; and (4) a one-learning-epoch input-constrained iterative learning LQDT design for the repetitive DT systems.

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期刊International Journal of Systems Science
出版狀態Published - 2017 一月 25


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  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Theoretical Computer Science
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