Estudio de verbos copulativos a partir de corpus de aprendices

Hui Chuan Lu, An Chung Cheng

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This study investigated the acquisition order of the Spanish copular verbs, SER/ESTAR, by students in Taiwan, whose first language is Mandarin Chinese. The findings suggested (1) the incorrect use of copular omission gradually decreased as learners’ proficiency levels increased; (2) The usage of SER by more advanced learners is more accurate than that of beginning-level learners; (3) SER is acquired before ESTAR; (4) the structure of ESTAR with adjective is more difficult to be acquired than other uses of copulas. The findings corroborate with previous studies on the acquisition order of the Spanish SER/ESTAR.

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期刊Porta Linguarum
出版狀態Published - 2015 一月 1


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