A Lubrication Theory for Anisotropic Slips and Flow Rheology

Hsiang Chin Jao, Kuo Ming Chang, Li Ming Chu, Wang-Long Li

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abstract: A lubrication theory, considering the coupled effects of anisotropic slip on both the solid–liquid interface and non-Newtonian power law lubricant, is proposed to enhance surface treatment and oil additives. A modified Reynolds equation as well as Poiseuille and Couette flow rate correctors are then derived by applying the rheology model and Navier slip boundary conditions with orthogonal principal slip lengths ((Formula presented.) , (Formula presented.)). Hence, the different slenderness ratios that lead to different performance of journal bearings are used to highlight the coupling effects of anisotropic slips and flow rheology. Contours of constant load ratios are plotted and then the parameters in flow rheology and boundary slip can be located while designing functional surfaces in journal bearings.

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期刊Tribology Transactions
出版狀態Published - 2016 3月 3

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