A model for obliquely incident wave interacting with a multi-layered object

Jie Hu, Yang Zhao, Philip L.F. Liu

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This paper presents an analytical solution for scattering of oblique incident, small amplitude, monochromatic wave trains by a stationary rigid multi-layered objects with rectangular cross-section. The object is infinite long and consists of multilayers, which can be either solid or permeable. This paper extends the previous work by Hu and Liu [1] from normal incident wave condition with a special object configuration to oblique incident waves with multi-layered object. The present model is validated with several existing solutions for normal/oblique waves interacting with a single object; excellent agreement is observed. New numerical results are presented to investigate the effects of incidence angle on reflection, transmission and energy loss coefficients for a combined floating and bottom-mounted permeable breakwater. A new floating board-cage breakwater is developed from the present model and its solutions are discussed in detail. A computer program, AWAS-P, has been updated so that it is applicable for both oblique and normal incident waves, while the object is multi-layered.

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期刊Applied Ocean Research
出版狀態Published - 2019 6月

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