A multi-channel microprocessor system for interface pressure, temperature and humidity measurement

Y. S. Chiou, K. C. Chung, C. R. Hou

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Pressure sores continue to be a very severe complication in medical and nursing cares as well as rehabilitation management. Research and development of effective medical technology for pressure sore prevention remains a great challenge for clinicians, biomedical and rehabilitation engineers. Improper body supports are the major factor for pressure sore formation or influencing sore healing, therefore, pressure relief at the body-support interface, low temperature and humidity regulating should be focused. However, conventional methods, which are considered to be ineffective and low efficiency, are still used in subjective evaluation. This project was to design a multi-channel microprocessor measuring system for interface pressure, temperature and humidity to provide systematic quantification of body-support interface. With flexible and miniature properties, force sensing resistor, thermocouple and PAMPS polymer film are used for interface pressure, temperature, and humidity sensors, respectively. These sensors are compliant with the interface and easy to be placed into the desired sites, particularly for those at the bony prominence region. The microprocessor measuring system consists of microprocessor (AT89C52), A/D converter (AD574A), multiplexier (3 pairs of 8 to 1), IO (8255IC), timing and number counters. Sensors are calibrated to provide the transfer function for pressure, temperature and humidity quantifiers to measured voltages. The pilot study shows that the sensors in combinations or with a single setting provide very useful data to delineate the objective information for pressure sore prevention. The microprocessor system is interfaced to PC for data storage, analysis and manipulation. This system design could be applicable to interface quantification for patients with bed-ridden, wheelchair-bounded, prosthesis socket and in- shoe.

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期刊Chinese Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering
出版狀態Published - 1999 十二月 9

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  • Biophysics

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