A nano-scale architecture for constant time image processing

M. M. Eshaghian-Wilner, Alex Khitun, Shiva Navab, Kang L. Wang

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In this paper, we study a nano-scale highly parallel computing architecture for image processing: a reconfigurable mesh that is interconnected with ferromagnetic spin-wave buses. In this architecture, information is encoded into the phase of the spin-wave, and interommunications are performed without any charge transfer. This spin-wave reconfigurable mesh, while requiring the same number of switches as standard reconfigurable mesh, is capable of simultaneously transmitting multiple waves on each of the spin-wave paths using different frequencies. Moreover, in this architecture, the superposition characteristic of spin-waves allows concurrent writes if all the requesting processors write a "1", Employing these parallel features, we present three constant time image processing applications for this architecture. We show that given an N 1/2 × N 1/2 image, using a N × N spin-wave reconfigurable mesh, in constant time, all figures, can be labelled, and the nearest neighbour, and the convex hull of a single figure can be found.

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期刊Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science
出版狀態Published - 2007 六月

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