A new fuzzy TOPSIS for fuzzy MADM problems under group decisions

Wann Yih Wu, Chinho Lin, Jung Yuan Kung, Chia Tzu Lin

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Fuzzy MADM (multiple attributes decision making) problem has received much attention from researchers since it has been an important issue in numerous fields. Fuzzy TOPSIS (technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution) has become one of the most widely used fuzzy MADM methods. This paper proposes a new fuzzy TOPSIS to deal with the fuzzy MADM problem under group decisions. This approach employs triangular fuzzy numbers to represent linguistic values for indicating importance weights of chosen attributes and evaluating alternative candidates under different attributes. This approach can overcome the drawbacks shown in existing related studies, and it can be applied in various domains. A numerical example is also given to demonstrate the proposed approach.

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期刊Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
出版狀態Published - 2007 6月 11

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