A new method selection approach for fuzzy group multicriteria decision making

Yu Hern Chang, Chung Hsing Yeh, Yu Wei Chang

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Fuzzy multicriteria decision making (MCDM) has been widely used in ranking a finite number of decision alternatives characterized by fuzzy assessments with respect to multiple criteria. In group decision settings, different fuzzy group MCDM methods often produce inconsistent ranking outcomes for the same problem. To address the ranking inconsistency problem in fuzzy group MCDM, this paper develops a new method selection approach for selecting a fuzzy group MCDM method that produces the most preferred group ranking outcome for a given problem. Based on two group averaging methods, three aggregation procedures and three defuzzification methods, 18 fuzzy group MCDM methods are developed as an illustration to solve the general fuzzy MCDM problem that requires cardinal ranking of the decision alternatives. The approach selects the group ranking outcome of a fuzzy MCDM method which has the highest consistency degree with its corresponding ranking outcomes of individual decision makers. An empirical study on the green bus fuel technology selection problem is used to illustrate how the approach works. The approach is applicable to large-scale group multicriteria decision problems where inconsistent ranking outcomes often exist between different fuzzy MCDM methods.

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期刊Applied Soft Computing Journal
出版狀態Published - 2013 四月

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