A novel 5DOF thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage

Wen Yuh Jywe, Yeau Ren Jeng, Chien Hung Liu, Yun Feng Teng, Chia Hung Wu, Hung Shu Wang, Yi Jou Chen

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To minimize the size of a stage with more DOF motion, this paper concentrates on the design, manufacturing process and control of a 5DOF thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage with high accuracy and multiple DOF motion. This paper uses the features of a flexible structure to develop a 200 mm × 200 mm × 35 mm thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage with 5DOF that allows the increase or decrease of axis action in accordance with various needs. The flexible structure of the thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage includes a cylindrical flexible body and an arc flexible body. The thin coplanar nanometer-scale stage allows for three-translational and two-rotational motions and is provided with eight piezoelectric actuators-one on the X-axis, another on the Y-axis, and the others on the Z-axis. The displacement characteristics of the output member of the stage were measured with the built-in capacitive sensors. It also used an analysis and identification controller design method for piezoelectric actuated systems. From the results, it can be seen that the performance of this controller is good and 10 nm controlling error of the step input can be obtained. The controlling error of the rotational angle is about 0.004 arcsec.

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期刊Precision Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2008 10月

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