A novel fabrication of ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMC) actuator with silver nano-powders

C. K. Chung, P. K. Fung, Y. Z. Hong, M. S. Ju, C. C.K. Lin, T. C. Wu

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This article reports a novel approach of applying silver nano-powders to the fabrication of ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMC) actuator with good adhesion between the metal electrodes and polymer membrane without surface roughening pretreatment at low cost, high repeatability and short processing time. Micro-fabrication technologies are used for this IPMC actuator fabrication including the dissolving and casting of silver nano-particles (35 nm) in Nafion® diluted solution, followed embossing, nontoxic electroless plating of silver, and microelectroforming of nickel. This IPMC actuator exhibits large deformation of bending curvature angle of more than 90° at lower driving voltage of 3 V. The frequency response of displacement with applied AC voltage of 2 V at 1 Hz results in a regular periodic deformations of the IPMC actuator. The elasticity modulus of the IPMC actuator can be reduced using an Ag-Nafion electrode for larger deformation than a pure Ag metal electrode. The electronic active polymer, IPMC, could be potentially used as the actuator of the active guide-wire, effective biomimetic sensor and artificial muscles.

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期刊Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical
出版狀態Published - 2006 十月 12

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