A Novel Variable Flux Spoke Type Permanent Magnet Motor With Swiveling Magnetization for Electric Vehicles

Yin Hui Lee, Min Fu Hsieh, Po Hsun Chen

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This article proposes a novel variable-flux spoke-type permanent magnet synchronous motor (VFS-PMSM), whose air gap flux density can be adjusted by 'swiveling' magnetic pole directions in permanent magnet (PM). This is distinctive from conventional methods that require a large magnetizing field to magnetize and demagnetize (or partially) rotor PM along the same axis for variable flux motors. This paper first compares the proposed VFS-PMSM with two other typical types, i.e., series and parallel arrangements combining high- and low-coercivity PMs to achieve variable flux. It is found that the magnetic circuit of the proposed motor is identical to that of the series type at flux enhancing and to that of the parallel type at flux weakening. Therefore, the wide flux regulation range of the parallel type motors and the excellent on-load demagnetization-resisting capability of the series type motors can both be achieved in the proposed design. Another benefit of the proposed design is that the flux produced by the low-coercivity magnet constantly or aligns with that produced by the high-coercivity one whether the motor is flux enhanced or weakened. This allows the low-coercivity magnet to maintain its operating point within a safe range. These features make the proposed design suitable for electric vehicle tractions. Finite element analysis is used to compare the performance of various types of motors and highlight the advantages of the proposed VFS-PMSM. Experiments are conducted to validate the feasibility of the low-coercivity magnet to be magnetized with the method proposed in this paper. It is found that the field strength to magnetize or demagnetize the rotor can be significantly reduced, which improves the feasibility of this design.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 2022

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