A parallel algorithm for the dynamic lot-sizing problem

Jung Lyu, Ming Chang Lee

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The dynamic lot-sizing model (DLS) is one of the most frequently used models in production and inventory system because lot decisions can greatly affect the performance of the system. The practicality of DLS algorithms is hindered by the huge amount of computer resources required for solving these models, even for a modest problem. This study developed a parallel algorithm to solve the lot-sizing problem efficiently. Given that n is the size of the problem, the complexity of the proposed parallel algorithm is O(n2p) with p processors. Numerical experiments are provided to verify the complexity of the proposed algorithm. The empirical results demonstrate that the speedup of this parallel algorithm approaches linearity, which means that the proposed algorithm can take full advantage of the distributed computing power as the size of the problem increases.

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期刊Computers and Industrial Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2001 十一月

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