A policy network analysis for the formation of innovation platform in Southern Taiwan Science Parks

Ping Li Chen, Yung Chi Yen, Shiann-Far Kung

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This paper uses a policy network analysis to reveal the ways that forms the innovation platform in Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) as well as leads the progressive and innovative of industries. Moreover, it is fruitful to re-consider about how planning method can help to renovate the weight of science parks occupy in all innovation activities. And the findings in this paper can be concluded into four points as below. The first is about the main structure of the development. It is central government who dominates the development of Hsinchu Science Park (HSP), whereas the concept of innovation platform of medical equipment planning is mainly constructed by local government, local research institute, university, and Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration (STSPA). This organization collaborate to analyze the characteristics of local industries and the potential opportunities for transformation, and propose a plan for further implementation. Secondly, science park is a public space and interactive area for innovation. The executors can improve their group learning in this space and proceed to promote the progressive and innovation. Meanwhile, the science park administration can become the medium and manager based on its own resources and capabilities. Furthermore, an innovation platform is a critical tool to put public space and interactive area into practice. A appropriate functional structure and operation mode can cover the gaps brought from industrial chain forming and target product production. The last point is that, the manager of the innovation platform is the key factor to operate the platform sufficiently. References from the previous experience in Taiwan, the science park bureau and local research institute can hold this rule jointly.

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期刊Journal of Architecture and Planning
出版狀態Published - 2016

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  • 建築
  • 城市研究


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