A pseudospectral penalty scheme for 2D isotropic elastic wave computations

Ko An Feng, Chun Hao Teng, Min Hung Chen

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In this paper, we present a pseudospectral scheme for solving 2D elastic wave equations. We start by analyzing boundary operators leading to the well-posedness of the problem. In addition, equivalent characteristic boundary conditions of common physical boundary conditions are discussed. These theoretical results are further employed to construct a Legendre pseudospectral penalty scheme based on a tensor product formulation for approximating waves on a general curvilinear quadrilateral domain. A stability analysis of the scheme is conducted for the case where a straight-sided quadrilateral element is used. The analysis shows that, by properly setting the penalty parameters, the scheme is stable at the semi-discrete level. Numerical experiments for testing the performance of the scheme are conducted, and the expected p- and h-convergence patterns are observed. Moreover, the numerical computations also show that the scheme is time stable, which makes the scheme suitable for long time simulations.

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期刊Journal of Scientific Computing
出版狀態Published - 2007 12月

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